What People are Saying...


"Your cake was perfect...the kids just couldn't resist! We caught this one just in time to keep him from taking his own first taste before we cut!"

"The cake was beautiful!!!!!! and tasted great!! We loved the cheesecake leaves and the set up was perfect!! Thank you so much for all that you did. I'll be referring you to everyone that I can."

"Everyone loved the cakes especially the kids...It was a big hit and everyone can taste the difference with your cakes and store bought. The two layer round was gone so fast, because they've never had strawberry cake like that! The shadow was really good, and our 2 year old refuse to let us cut the 'Lightning Mcqueen'. So thanks again Brandie for offering your talent and your beautiful creations to us. Everyone loved them."


"Allison LOVED the cake and so did everyone. You did an awesome job on it and it was very good!...You made Allison's birthday perfect. You do wonderful work and I will call you again and for sure tell people about ya."

"The cake was awesome!...It was so delicious. My husband couldn't stop raving about it and my daughter thought Robin Hood Pooh was really "cool". We will definitely order more cakes from you."

"The cake was wonderful, both the design and taste."


"Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. It was wonderful. Everyone commented on how darling it was and how moist the cake was. I'm looking forward to the next one."

"Brandie, the cake was awesome, everyone loved it! My only mistake was not telling the people who cut it that they could cut generous pieces! (We had a lot left over!) But it was great. You did an awesome job!"

"Everyone raved about the cake and the cookies, it was all lovely and I really appreciate all your effort. Your cake and cookies just made the whole party a complete success."

"Everything was great Brandie, the turkeys were really cute. Everybody really liked them. Thanks again for doing them for me."

"I thought the cake was perfect. So many people told me it was delicious. I thought the cake topper looked great. I was such a nice surprise to see it finally finished and on the table. Thank you again."


"The baby shower cake was perfect!!! You are amazing! I dont know how you do it. Thank you so much!"

"As usual, the cake was an absolute success and delicious!!!!! Thanks."

"The cake was wonderful and everyone thought it was beautiful."


"I want to thanks you so much for making my daughter's cake. It was beautiful and delicious. I got loads of compliments on the design and how moist and tasty the cake was."

"The cake and cupcakes were a huge hit! You do amazing work."

"Brandie the cake was a big hit! And it tasted good too, very moist. Thanks for you hard work, we were definately impressed."


"The cake was wonderful. Everyone was amazed. You most definitely will have my business in the future."