Custom Cake Creations by Brandie!

Amazing custom high-end bakery designs at prices you can actually afford!

Important Notice

YES! I have started taking limited orders around my new home in San Francisco Bay Area in California! I look forward to making new friends and making amazing cakes for you all!

Polarcandles We've all been there--going to the grocery store to buy that birthday cake, only to find out in the end you paid too much for a plain, boring sheet cake with a cookie-cutter print on the top. Or how about running to get that dessert from the bakery and taking it to your family's house and trying to pass it off as your own? No matter what, it's always the same--you end up paying way too much for a two-day-old dessert that's been sitting in a plastic container...and looks like it, too. Well, now you can avoid those store-bought humdrums and get fancy, custom-made desserts at less than a store-bought price, and at a fraction of the price from some high-tech fancy bakery chain!

I make my creations special by custom-tailoring them to your needs. Need a birthday cake? No problem, just tell me what kind of theme or shape or design you would like and I can make it for you! Want a dessert for a family get together? Not a problem! With me, you don't just choose pattern #50 from a book of designs--I make each and every design from scratch to be exactly what you want! Plus, I make them fresh and get them to you when you need them--no more having to pick the stale remnants off the shelf!

So remember: next time you have a special occasion just around the corner, forget about running to the corner grocery store! Just go to the ordering page and we'll get your dessert made right away!